Abi, Parent

Miss Jemima is a dedicated teacher who clearly loves her craft and teaches with passion. She motivates her students and even though she no longer teaches my son , she is still very much a part of his progress as she regularly checks up on him and continues to encourage him to reach his best potential. 

She is a clear example of a nurturing teacher , and that is indeed one of the most important aspects of what a budding dancer needs to propel and also maintain enthusiasm .


Third week for my daughter learning ballet and she is loving it. So local and convenient, Jemima and the other girls have been so friendly, helpful and professional. Fun and so reasonably priced, long may it last!

Sally, Parent

Miss Jemima is a remarkable teacher who has helped me grow as a dancer, her passion for dance really inspires me and keeps me motivated to do better.

14 year old student

Jemima is a great teacher, making the class both challenging and fun.

Amy, Adult Student